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United States: Russian bombers intercepted near Alaska

Two Russian aviation formations flew a few dozen kilometres from the American coast. Twelve days earlier, it was US Air Force aircraft that had been intercepted by the Russian defence.

The American air defense announced on Wednesday that it had intercepted Russian strategic bombers within 40 km of the Alaska coast.

Early Wednesday morning, a first formation entered the air defense identification zone, less than 20 nautical miles (37 km) off the coast of Alaska, the state air security command said in a statement. United States and Canada (Norad).

The two strategic propeller bombers, model TU-95 “Bear”, escorted by two SU-35 fighters and an A-50 reconnaissance aircraft, were intercepted by American F-22 fighters.

A second formation was intercepted less than 60 km from Alaska, said the American command, stressing that the Russian aircraft had remained in international airspace all the time.

The air defense identification zone (Adiz) is a perimeter in which air traffic is monitored by the army of one or more countries, beyond its national air space, to provide reaction time additional in case of hostile maneuver.

The United States has established four, but a dozen other countries have also created their own. That of Alaska extends up to approximately 320 km from the coast.

On May 29, the Russian Defense Ministry released images of two American B-1 bombers intercepted by Russian air defense after flying over the Baltic and Black Seas near Russia.

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