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First images of the new Flemish Canvas series Albatros

At the beginning of next year, you can watch on Canvas the tragicomic fiction series Albatros, about ten obese people who participate in a slimming camp in the Ardennes.

The series was conceived by director Wannes Destoop and actor Dominique Van Malder ( Radio Gaga ), who also plays in the series. Albatros was made by production company De Wereldvrede ( Bevergem ) and can be followed in preview on Telenet’s Play and Play More from 1 July.

From the beginning, it turns out that the participants in the ‘Albatros’ slimming camp carry not only physically, but also emotionally excess pounds. It quickly gets violent. The participants are physically challenged by a not very subtle coach. But the group therapist also looks into their souls and tries to get them out of their comfort zone. The protective layers with which they kept the outside world and their past at a distance are removed one by one. Until the formerly obese inspirer of the camp, whom they look up to, does not seem to be trusted and appears to carry a dark secret with them.

The makers managed to collect an impressive ensemble cast with Flemish and Walloon talent. Dominique Van Malder ( Radio Gaga ), Ruth Beeckmans ( Studio Tarara ), Benny Claessens ( Undercover ), François Neycken ( Ennemi Public ), Hilde Destoop ( Steve + Sky ), Isabelle Van Hecke ( Bevergem ), Marjan De Schutter ( Professor T ) , Thierry Janssen  (La Trêve ), Titus Muizelaar and Jeroen Tillmans interpret the ten obese who fight their overweight.

The camp’s team of unconventional coaches is played by Tom Ternest ( Own Breeding ), Janne Desmet ( Studio Tarara ) and Joris Hessels ( Radio Gaga ).

Albatros’  screenplay was written by Dominique Van Malder, Wannes Desktop, Gilles Coulier and Tom Dupont, accompanied by Willem Wallyn.

Creators Dominique Van Malder and Wannes Destoop:  “We wanted to create a series around and with” fat people “and their fight with the heaviness in life. A world that we know to the core. By showing the tragic of the daily discomfort, we want to evoke a cutting smile. “

Olivier Goris, Canvas net manager:  “Canvas is the place for quirky fiction that touches you, with its own form of humour. Albatros tells a very relevant contemporary story, made by creative makers with a very personal view of the theme.”

Siegfried Moens, content and acquisition manager of Telenet:  “After the One series of Grenslanders, Telenet can again count on a constructive collaboration with VRT. Now around the Albatros Canvas series. Production company De Wereldvrede, together with VRT, knows how to capture sensitive issues in a qualitative way. Albatros is a real must-see series. ”

Albatros is a production by Gilles De Schryver, Gilles Coulier and Wouter Sap for De Wereldvrede en Canvas with the support of the VAF / Mediafonds of the Flemish Minister of Culture Jan Jambon, Wallimage and the Belgian Tax Shelter measure. International sales are in the hands of French Wild Bunch TV.

Albatros will be broadcast on Canvas in the spring of 2021 and will be available on Telenet’s Play and Play More from 1 July.

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