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Coronavirus: declining balance sheet in the United States, New York is starting to get confused

With 450 dead in the past 24 hours, the daily toll is at its lowest for about two months. New York, the epicentre of the American epidemic for weeks, has started to deconfinement.

By falling back below the 500 daily death toll (with 450 deaths) from the coronavirus, the United States, which entered into recession after 11 years of growth, finds the situation it had known at the end of March.

The peak of 3,000 daily deaths was crossed in mid-April. And for the past two weeks, daily reports have been regularly located on a sort of plateau around the 1,000 dead.

This is why the latest good figures provided by Johns Hopkins University deserve to be confirmed in the coming days. Indeed, the university data, continuously updated, tend to mechanically decrease at the end of the weekend depending on the feedback transmitted by the local health authorities.

Several elements are still of concern. The total number of Covid-19 deaths in the country is 110,900 and more than 1,955,000 cases have been reported in the country. However, the country continues to register around 20,000 new cases of coronavirus every day and is struggling to reverse this curve of new infections.

According to an average of nine epidemiological models produced by researchers from the University of Massachusetts, the number of deaths from Covid-19 should be close to 127,000 deaths in the country by June 27.

The heart of the epidemic has moved

In fact, since the beginning of the epidemic in the country, her heart has tended to move. “We did not act fast enough and hard enough to prevent the virus from spreading initially, and it apparently moved from the original outbreaks to other urban and rural areas,” said Tom Frieden, former director of the Centers. disease prevention and control (CDC).

According to his analysis, the five northeastern states, from New Jersey to Massachusetts with New York in the middle where half of the American deaths of the Covid-19 were recorded were more cautious in deconfinement.

So since Monday, New York where 2,600 people are hospitalized against 19,000 in mid-April, has just implemented the lifting of certain restrictions imposed since March. “This is the day when New York starts to reopen and I am so happy to see this day finally come,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, even if the reopening remains very gradual. Within 15 days, the authorities hope to move on to a second stage which will make it possible to eat on the terrace or return to the hairdresser but not yet in the restaurant or performance halls.

States affected by having deconfigured too quickly

Conversely, the epidemic now seems to affect less urbanized regions, the Midwest, the South and part of the West. There, these states ordered containment later and lifted it earlier. The crisis has also become a political issue. Republican states have tended in line with the doctrine of Donald Trump to minimize the pandemic.

Now, in Texas and North Carolina, there are more Covid-19 patients hospitalized than a month ago.

However, this is not necessarily the rule everywhere. In Georgia, which deconfigured in April, a second peak did not occur and the number of cases stagnated throughout the month of May before a slight increase in recent days.

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