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Corona infections on four more farms

Another four mink farms in North Brabant and Limburg detected the coronavirus. Minister Schouten of Agriculture writes to the House of Representatives that the animals on the farms will be killed and removed.

It concerns two companies in Landhorst in the municipality of Sint Anthonis, one in Volkel and one in Castenray in Limburg. Mink farms had previously been found to be infected in Sint Anthonis. In total, the corona has now been identified at 13 farms.

Send cadavers weekly

Three of those four new outbreaks have come to light when investigating carcasses of minks. Breeders are obliged to send it weekly. The fourth has been identified after a report.

The exact source of the infections is unknown, Schouten writes. The NVWA conducts research on the companies, employees can be tested.

The clean-ups of the infected companies started last weekend. The NVWA can ream two to three companies per day. The minks on the farms now found to be infected are being killed and destroyed this week.

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